Real Estate Excellence Podcast


Emily and Brad share their wisdom from building a brokerage and how putting agents first can serve up a win for everyone involved.


Brad and Emily Lloyd are the Brokers and Owners of Team Lloyd Realty. They are Jacksonville natives and high school sweethearts with a big loving family. Emily spent 14 years in the insurance industry and owned and operated her company. At the same time, Brad is an Army veteran with a background in automotive mechanics, a licensed residential contractor, and an owner of Solid Rock Custom Homes.


It’s time to dive in and learn more about this power couple and what makes Team Lloyd Realty click.


[00:0014:34] Brad and Emily Lloyd Brad and Emily Lloyd’s background. Emily talks about her experience while Brad was deployed. How Emily worked as a claims adjuster for family insurance before getting into real estate. Brad’s career journey before real estate.


[14:3520:50] Making it About the Agents, Not the Brokerage Brad started working in real estate part-time, flipping houses. Learning by working for two brokerages before forming Team Lloyd. Focusing on the agents and making them the business, rather than the brokerage.


[20:5127:18] Real Estate Agents Who Stick to Consistency Succeed It took six months for the Lloyd’s to “get in the groove” of real estate. Why consistency is so crucial for agents to succeed. How to genuinely cultivate relationships to help you in your real estate career. Be sincere and consistent in your real estate interaction when building trust and rapport.


[27:1943:50] How to Stay Sharp as Real Estate Professionals Brad talks about the hustle he had to keep up in his early real estate days. The strengths Brad and Emily bring to the table as individuals. Keep your “sword” sharp with education. Team Lloyd strives to keep agents up-to-date on industry changes and education. Agents who stay educated are easier to trust. It is also important to build relationships with other agents to be successful.


[43:5150:12] Building a Culture of Success Team Lloyd is a “boutique brokerage,” focusing on education and support. How the company tries to foster a family-like environment. How Brad and Emily decide if someone is a good fit for the brokerage. Benefits of tracking business performance and identifying areas for improvement.


[50:1359:24] Coaching Your Agents Towards Self-Realization How to dig out the gold in agents so they can prospect better. Make hiring about quality, not quantity. Conversations brokerages and agents should have with each other. The importance of having a conversation about not getting enough listings is that it can


[59:251:04:19] Marrying Prior Experiences to Your Real Estate Business How Brad incorporated his construction experience into his business. Aligning yourself with like-minded people to succeed. Brad’s father was a contractor who started his custom home-building company in 2020. Brad believes that real estate and construction are closely related.


[1:04:201:11:38] How to Win in Real Estate: Show Up, Collaborate, and Network The pros and pitfalls of having a career where you set your own schedule. Brad’s thoughts around agents “showing up.” Interacting with other agents and collaborating is stronger than competing with them. Top agents are always willing to help and share. Surround yourself with high-level professionals.


[1:11:391:17:41] Don’t Forget to Add Value Brokers should be okay with stepping out and asking for help. Not every deal is right for you, and that’s okay. Emily recommends setting a schedule and making time for your family. Coaching has helped Team Lloyd and his agents improve their business.


[1:17:541:21:43] 2-Minute Warning Questions How Brad and Emily enjoy the North East Florida area. Who you know in life can change its trajectory.