10 Tips to Save for a Downpayment

A down payment is a key part of buying a home. It’s the money you put down at the beginning of the purchase to prove that you’re serious about the purchase and that you have the financial resources to follow through. Down payments are typically 20% of the purchase price, but there are ways to save for a downpayment even if you don’t have that much money saved up.


  1. Start by creating a budget and sticking to it. Figure out how much money you can realistically save each month and make sure your spending stays within those limits.
  2. Look for ways to cut back on your expenses. Maybe you can cancel some subscriptions, or take on a roommate to help with rent.
  3. Try to increase your income. If you can find a way to bring in more money each month, you’ll be able to save more quickly.
  4. Set aside money each month into a dedicated savings account. This will help you make sure you’re on track to reach your downpayment goal.
  5. Make extra payments on your mortgage if you already own a home. This will reduce the amount of money you need to pay at the end, and will help you save for a downpayment faster.
  6. Talk to your bank about special programs that can help you save for a downpayment. Many banks offer special mortgages or loan products that require smaller downpayments.
  7. Ask family and friends for help. If you have relatives or friends who are able to loan or give you money, it can make saving for a downpayment a lot easier.
  8. Consider using a home equity line of credit (HELOC). This is a loan against the value of your home, which can provide you with the funds you need to make a downpayment.
  9. Check with your local government or housing authority. There may be special programs available that offer assistance with down-payments.
  10. Be patient and stay focused on your goal. Saving for a downpayment can take time, but if you stick to a plan and stay motivated, you’ll reach your goal in no time.

Saving for a downpayment can seem like a daunting task, but if you take it one step at a time and stay focused on your goal, you’ll reach it in no time. By following these tips, you can save up the money you need to buy your dream home.